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As a small business owner, you work diligently to share your positive message. You know your success depends on brand awareness and marketing exposure, but everything is so complicated…

  • You don’t have time, energy or desire to figure out the Google and the Facebook or what hashtags to use.
  • You want to do it yourself, but you have no idea how to get started or what strategies and platforms you should use. 
  • You may even have a marketing agency working for you, but you have no idea if they are doing a good job or not. 

Well, I’m here to tell you help is available. As a freelance marketing consultant with 20 years of web and marketing experience, I know what works. Whether you want someone to develop your brand and manage your online presence so you don’t have to worry about it, or someone to teach you how to do it yourself, or you just want someone to do an occasional audit just to make sure you are getting the value out of your agency, I can be your person.

I’m known as an Executor or a Logistician – an ISTJ personality type. This means I can grab onto your big ideas and help make them concrete. I have an innate ability to learn your style, help you develop your brand, and have no problem being brutally honest with you to ensure you are putting your best foot forward in the right directions. If this sounds like something you could use in your life, book a no-obligation, no-cost phone call with me so we can review your needs and see if we are a good fit for each other. There’s no need to continue your marketing struggle alone!


Social Media and Digital Marketing Services range from creating gorgeous posts for your Facebook and Instagram pages and running paid social ads and reports to helping you develop your brand – from logo to website to business cards and collateral for print!

Branding Services Tucson and Phoenix

Brand Building

Logo, Identity, Colors, Website, Custom Print Materials & More

Social Media

Strategy, Targeted Ads, Branding, Consistency, Page Management

Content Creation

Social Graphics, Onsite SEO, Newsletters, Bios & More

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