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I’m Ren and I provide online support for wellness practitioners looking to build or improve their digital presence. I typically work with wellness brands and a variety of service providers – though no industry is off-limits. I help business owners by building a beautiful and effective brand presence that drives business while allowing them the time to focus on what they do best – helping others. I use my 20+ years of experience in web and digital media to develop beautiful branding and websites, realistic marketing plans, and well-maintained online platforms. It brings me joy knowing I am instrumental in facilitating my client’s growth and reputation.

As an ISTJ personality (Executor, Thinker, Logistician) I am able to listen to my clients and find a way to match my work to their aesthetic. I am able to lasso many moving parts and put them into an organized action plan to get.shit.done. grab onto your big ideas and help make them concrete. You can trust that I will always be direct and forthcoming with you – even if it means telling you “no” on occasion – my honesty is something you can count on!

Marketing is what I love to do and have been passionate about doing since I first started working with websites in 1999. Before that, even in high school, I worked on yearbook with photography, layout, and journalism and dreamed of being the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. After many years in the 9to5 realm, I decided to branch out on my own. I now have the freedom to help my clients how they need to be helped without all the corporate constraints of a typical agency.

The best thing about being a solopreneur is knowing the reason my clients love me is because of my work – my creativity and attention to detail. They say the highest compliment is a referral, and I am very proud to have grown my business to this point solely on referrals and repeat business from past agency clients. I am proud to be here now and am excited about what the future in marketing, advertising, and tech has in store for us all!

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